Best Strategies for Binary Options May 2021

There are many strategies for binary trading, but how do you know which one will be the most effective and comfortable for you? When trading through a Finmax broker, use the best techniques that will allow you to increase your profits and open new trading opportunities.

Let us look at these strategies in detail.

Inside Candle

This refers to the category of undiscovered strategies; the key principle is to find a specific candlestick model.

The following conditions must be met in order for this system to be used:

  • there are three candles on the chart, the first of which is long and the second is short and closes in the opposite direction;
  • the third candle should continue moving Inside Candle and close above the starting price of the first bar with a break in a significant line.

It is advisable to select an option with a duration of up to 2-3 candlesticks, with one candle in the chart corresponding to the size of the timeframe. If you are trading on a 5-minute interval, then the trade will last between 10 and 15 minutes.

This is the easiest and most efficient strategy for binary options.

Royal Fish

The trader works on a live schedule and sets the following settings:

  • 1-minute timeframe;
  • using Fisher Transform with standard parameters;
  • Stochastic with values 20, 3, 3;
  • the option opens for 5 minutes or 5 candles.

Signals for the call contract:

  • the crossing of the indicator lines in the -2000 zone so that the orange line is above blue;
  • Stochastic curves are crossed below level 20 and the orange line is under blue.

Signals for the Put-Contract:

  • the crossing of the indicator lines in Zone 2000 so that the orange line is above the blue;
  • Stochastic curves are crossed above level 80 and the orange line is above the blue.

Stochastic’s signal lines intersect in the direction of the book above level 80, blue at the bottom and orange at the top.

This methodology allows a profit to be made with a probability of more than 70 percent.

Triple RSI

A simple and accessible trading system, which is based on the RSI indicator.

The working conditions are as follows:

  • Triple connection of RSI indicator for live graphics
  • settings 5, 14 and 21 respectively for each.

You can trade with any underlying asset, the optimal timeframe is five minutes. The option period must be between 3 and 5 candlesticks.

Such signals are used to conclude transactions:

  • downgrading – all indicators are in the overbought sector;
  • an upside-down transaction – all indicators have fallen into the oversold sector.


All the strategies described combine simplicity and high efficiency, and with the Finmax broker you can test each one on a demo account and choose the one you like best, increasing your profits.

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