Finmax – overview of broker and binary options platform May 2021

Any profession or business requires a serious and responsible approach at every stage. It is always difficult to start, but by putting effort and effort, patience and hard work, you can progress and achieve your goals. Everything starts with the start and how right it is will allow you to influence the progress towards success in the future.

In the area of binary options trading, a good start is determined by the choice of a reliable and proven broker who is ready to offer advantageous trading conditions and encourage the trader to learn, develop and make a profit on transactions.

Today we are talking about a well-known company in the binary trading segment – Finmax broker. What makes it stand out from the crowd and why does it gain the trust of millions of clients? Let’s look at it in order.

Brief on Finmax’s principles and mission

The Finmax Binary Options Broker is a leader among competitors that offer financial intermediary services. Since its introduction to the market, the company has been constantly developing and improving. Even now, it keeps an eye on the dynamically developing market and focuses on the needs of its modern participants, introducing innovations and technological solutions to improve the quality of its services.

Finmax entered the binary options market in 2015 and has an official website – The broker is a structural division of Morris Processing Ltd. However, it functions as a full-fledged brand. The company’s financial services are distributed in the European market, Russia and CIS countries. The main regulatory document is the European Union directive “On the market of financial instruments”, and the implementation of activities in Russia is regulated by a certificate of CROFR.

The founders of Finmax are a group of professional traders who have come a difficult way from being a beginner to a competent investor. The management is focused on the needs of its clients, which defines the main mission of the company – to help each trader to unlock his investment potential and learn to trade with a stable profit.

Each client of Finmaks is a unique person who deserves to receive full and quality service from the company, to have access to all functions and tools to perform binary trading. Everyone who chooses this broker highly appreciates the comfort and convenience of work.

Under what conditions can binary options be traded with Finmax?

By visiting the company’s website, a new user can go through a quick and easy registration procedure to create an account and access the trading platform.

Registration is as follows:

  • Click the Register button in the upper right corner of the website;
  • to fill in the online form;
  • wait a few seconds for access to your private office.

In your account, you can get acquainted with the trading platform and all its options.

The trading platform for binary options from the Finmaks broker is a specialist development that combines maximum security and confidentiality of user data, enhanced functionality and speed. The interface is designed in a discreet color scheme with bright accents on the main buttons used to make transactions. The chart can be customized and indicators and tools can be used for technical analysis.

Binary contracts can be traded in one of the three versions of the platform:

  • for your PC – a stationary program for your personal computer;
  • online – access to the trading platform through a browser, Internet access required;
  • mobile – adapted version for smartphones and tablets, so that trading is always in your pocket to carry out transactions without being tied to one place and at any time.

You can trade with Finmax on these terms and conditions:

  • the minimum deposit is $250;
  • 70 most liquid assets for profitable transactions;
  • 5 trading accounts with different bonuses and privileges;
  • the minimum rate for the transaction is $5;
  • contracts with an exposition period of 30 seconds to 6 months;
  • profit level – up to 90 percent;
  • social trading, or copying trades from experienced traders;
  • a free training base with a demo account;
  • there are no spreads;
  • commission-free replenishment and instant crediting;
  • prompt technical support to customers;
  • deposit bonus to all customers.

Advantages of trading binary options with Finmax

Working with a Finmax binary broker is comfortable, easy and profitable, and this is proved by traders who are the company’s clients themselves. Beginners will discover the world of finance and the opportunity to gain independence, develop in a new area, and experienced traders will be able to improve their trading results and set higher investment objectives.

Traders work with Finmax and value the broker because of its advantages:

  • full licensing of activities;
  • a reliable deposit distribution system;
  • favorable trading conditions with minimal investment;
  • technical support is always in touch and helps resolve any issue;
  • high profitability of transactions;
  • free training and the opportunity to develop your trading skills.
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