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Leveraged trading accounts, coupled with 24-hour access via the over-the-counter (OTC) or decentralized system, have increased participation in the foreign exchange market than ever before. Retail traders are surrounded by media hype of how easy forex trading is. Consequently, many of them rush into the market ignorantly. They target tantalizing profits but end up depleting accounts. Reasons can vary yet one of which is no or little preparation for fundamentals and advances. Therefore, in the article, we will have an unbiased review of the best courses with and without fees as well as explain why they are worthwhile.

Best Forex Courses for Beginners

This part will summarise the top forex courses for newcomers which require tuition fees.

Forex Trading A-Z™

Provided by Kirill Eremenko and ForexBoat Team


Positively reviewed on, this intensive course provides you with the details of forex trading, including how the forex market operates and how to analyze price movements to make a prudent decision on the market.

TOP Forex broker
  • FinmaxFx

    1 place in the rating! Free trading training!

Kirill Eremenko incorporates his hands-on experience into academic lessons to help you realize the top common pitfalls that most forex traders may encounter. Going further fundamentals such as market hours, bullish and bearish trends, short selling, and many more, he also elaborates on the way forex brokers often work and accordingly helps you to find a reliable broker based on his own experience of live trading. Importantly, risk management is included in the course and the lecturer specifically entails the use of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform as well.

The course is continually updated with new lectures and bonuses at no extra cost. That is, your one-time payment of $129.99 will translate to unlimited access.

Beginner Trading Course

Provided by BizInTra

Built from institutional traders who work for globally large companies such as Goldman Sachs or the Bank of America, courses available in BizInTra are categorized for learners at all levels. Complete newcomers can access the beginning course on remittance of £199 or they may apply for a sponsored program that financially supports them to follow the whole course in case their financial conditions are too poor.

The trading bootcamp for brand-new traders includes four trading videos that talk about fundamentals, risk management strategies and technical analysis to produce possibly profitable transactions. Additionally, ten short animated videos are provided to detail specific aspects such as leverage or margin.

BizInTra also creates the Internet Traders Network that directly connects trading experts and learners every day. Apart from live Q&As through which you may pose any questions and get instant answers from mentors, you can get daily access to trading signals and market analysis conducted by specialists. All live lessons are on schedule. So, those who miss some of them for any reason can rewatch video lessons that are already recorded within three months from the start date of your course.

One Core Program

Provided by Asia Forex Mentor

This proprietary course is held virtually and physically by Ezekiel Chew, a registered specialist in the foreign exchange sphere. Regularly invited to teach fund managers, bank traders and proprietary traders, he has impressed his students with his long-run experience in a diverse product portfolio (e.g. forex, stocks and indices).

This comprehensive course focuses on reading charts, thoroughly learning about price actions and ROI-driven strategies, fundamentally analyzing major financial news from an economic calendar and employing a proprietary trading plan that is self-developed by Ezekiel.

The course is designed for traders of all levels, even novices. Being priced at $997, the course seems expensive for many traders, let alone no monthly payout plan for those who find it hard to pay in a huge sum, yet it is worthwhile on the ground of the author’s unique sharing and its effectiveness.

Forex 101 Course

Provided by Benzinga Courses

Receiving rave reviews with a 4.7 rating on, this course is designed to suit learners at all levels. Accordingly, you may learn the ropes from scratch on any well-connected device. Comprising six major sections, the course leads you from the basic definition of forex trading to the fundamental and technical analysis of price actions.

Money and risk management is always among the top priority for those who wish to commence with the forex realm. So the lecturer also gives specific instructions to control potential risks and avoid monetary failure. Instead of merely focusing on theoretical lessons, you are able to learn through trading examples available integrated into the course. Paying a reasonable price of $29.99, you are granted a certificate for completion and have lifetime access to the online course.

Traders Academy Club

Provided by Vladimir Ribakov

Vladimir Ribakov is an internationally certified financial technician and has created an in-depth course based on more than 12 years of experience as a professional trader in the currency industry. In lieu of conducting a conventional course, Vladimir runs a club where traders at all levels may get together and about forex trading through separate courses. The yearly subscription is $297, considered relatively low to many traders as the author would like to dedicate his precious sharing to the like-minded who are passionate about this realm. So the membership price is mostly used to cover administrative and overhead costs.

Should you be a beginner, the author provides unlimited access to educational videos, ebooks and other materials that make you fast tuned to the market. Meanwhile, the seasoned can find it helpful when approaching plenty of detailed reports that support them in setting up similarly profitable trades as other successful fellows did.

Regardless of your experience, you can attend hundreds of webinars and live sessions with Vladimir to improve your fundamental and technical analysis of market trends and foil common mistakes when staying in the market. Even any new trading ideas and practical trading strategies can be shared in a private Telegram group.

Best Free Trading Courses for Beginners

In addition to courses that impose certain fees on students, there is the availability of free online training programs on the Internet.

FX Academy

FX Academy provides a wide range of courses taught by forex analysts from, a broker review and forex news website. No cost is required when you enroll for any online classes here. If you are new to the market, starting with basics is encouraged. Meanwhile, the experienced may skip this easy part and move toward advanced sections including Fibonacci Retracement, Moving Average Crossovers and many more. The only downside is the lack of one-on-one assistance after courses.

Beginners Trading Course

Provided by Nial Fuller

Developed by Nial Fuller, a professional trader and a recognized expert on Price Action Trading, his website is accessible for all traders regardless of experience. Besides the professional trading course whose tuition fee is $400, the author offers the free-of-charge Introduction Course that gives rookie traders concise instructions on forex trading.

The course explains commonplace concepts such as long or short and well-prepare you for trading plans or even possible pitfalls. Unlike other traditional courses, this variant is written based on Nial’s trading experience and professionalism. Therefore, it is worth considering.

FinmaxFX Education

Like other forex brokers, FinmaxFX provides free trading courses on the website to equip clients with plenty of knowledge before they enter any trade. The systematic organization of video lessons gives learners a comprehensive insight into forex trading, stocks, and CFDs. Besides, free ebooks and webinars are available for even those who register for no account with FinmaxFX. If you have no financial background, you are able to join courses because the broker offers the Financial Glossary in a separate section where you have free access and learn everything from scratch.

Forex School Online

Having been continuously updated over years, the course now involves 30 different written and video tutorials that are classified into three groups: The Basics of the Forex Market, Money and Risk Management Skills, and Technical Analysis and Trading Strategies. To be eligible for the course, you need to sign up for an account beforehand. Besides, trading tools and calculators are available for free use.

Are Forex Courses Worth It?

People have different views on the most effective learning way, no matter which industry they get involved in. Particularly, many find in-person individual training more motivating whilst others opt for online courses on the ground of lower tuition fees and time-related convenience. Besides, a few people are capable of self-learning.

Regarding sources of education, technological advances have opened more avenues for individuals to approach forex-related knowledge in both theoretical and practical terms. Going beyond the boundary of physical classes, traders and investors now can be well-informed by accessing specialized websites, joining discussions on online forums, reading through financial newspapers or watching videos on Youtube. Not only can forex basics such as trading sessions or order types be learned, but traders may also learn advances from the trading experience of successful fellows.

Facing massive resources available on the Internet, many people raise a question: are forex courses worthwhile? Some individuals think that it is money-wasting to pay for courses whose content can be found anywhere in the virtual world whereas doubting the effectiveness of free online courses. However, as already mentioned, not all traders acquire the same learning method. Therefore, forex courses are more appropriate for those who find it hard to either be self-taught or have little time to engage in traditional classes.

Most courses are held by savvy traders, so there is more than basic knowledge to learn from them. Traders may accordingly draw a more obvious career path or use trading suggestions created by lecturers as a reference to increase the probability of success. Therefore, attending a suitable course – whether online or physical – is worthy.

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