How to register an account to trade binary options May 2021

Binary trading appeared at the beginning of this century and immediately attracted the attention of a wide audience of currency traders. A relatively new direction of financial trading has become relevant and popular in different parts of the world, even many businesses are moving from Forex to contract trading.

Binary options are a special financial instrument used to forecast the price movements of the underlying asset. A trader purchases a contract for a specified amount, with a specified expiry date and terms of profitability, forecasting the direction in which the chart will move. If the forecast coincides with the real market situation at the end of the contract, the trader receives a profit; if not, he loses the invested amount.

Binary trading is characterized by undeniable advantages that distinguish it from currency trading and attract a large number of traders:

  • the risks are known in advance – the terms of the contract specify the amount of the transaction, the level of profitability in case of a correct forecast. Thus, you know in advance how much profit you can make or how much you will lose if the forecast is not made;
  • a high percentage of profit – compared to currency trading, binary options give you the opportunity to earn more on one transaction and you also know exactly how much you will earn (contract transactions are characterized by the profitability of up to 90-95 percent);
  • the ability to trade with a minimum deposit – you do not need to buy currency or other assets, but only a contract that involves a change in the value of the asset itself. A trader can invest in transactions ranging from 5-10 dollars;
  • there is no need for deep fundamental and technical analysis, as it is not the final price of the asset that is important, but the very fact of the movement of the chart.

How to Choose a Binary Options Broker

Today, many companies offer their financial trading services, in particular in the segment of the binary options, so it is difficult to decide on a broker who would be the ideal assistant and partner for you. It is not uncommon to find fraudulent and unscrupulous offices that seek to get all the money out of a client.

Choosing the right broker is key to the success of the entire financial trading process. With Finmax you can unlock your investment potential and become a successful binary options trader. The company is a leader in its segment and offers advantageous trading conditions. Try it right now – go to and earn your profit from the first transaction.

How to register on the Finmax website

The main page of the site provides key information that is freely available to all participants. The interface contains 9 languages, so you can choose the most comfortable one for you.

Each section of the website will help you navigate and learn all the important information you need to start trading:

  • Options – all about binary options, how to use them correctly, types of assets available;
  • CFD trading – features and advantages of trading in CFD contracts, how to correctly conduct transactions and make a profit;
  • Training – videos, books, a glossary, webinars, a news calendar and a lot of useful things to add to a trader’s theoretical base;
  • Tools – news, analytics, market reviews, calendar, charts, signals, i.e. all those elements that help to carry out objective market analysis and make profitable trading decisions.

There is an account opening button at the top of the page – this is the button you need to use to register and create your account.

You need to fill in all fields:

  • name;
  • last name;
  • a valid contact telephone number;
  • the currency in which you will deposit funds into your account;
  • active e-mail address;
  • come up with a password;
  • select the account type (Real – immediately to deposit and start trading, Demo – training account to master the skills of making transactions);
  • accept the terms of the privacy policy and user agreement;
  • press the button “Register”.

Just wait a few seconds and the system will take you to the created account page. You will be able to use the trading terminal with all its functions and tools.

Finmax trading platform and terms

This is the author’s development of Finmax, which combines high security and wide functionality so that traders can trade with maximum comfort. Thanks to its laconic design and thoughtful interface, the visualization of the terminal do not cause discomfort and it is convenient to manipulate all buttons, options and settings to increase the efficiency of binary trading.

Trading with a broker is subject to the following conditions:

  • the minimum amount to be deposited is 250 USD;
  • the minimum investment required to purchase the option is 5 dollars;
  • profit level – up to 90 percent;
  • over 70 assets for trading;
  • options are available for purchase with expirations ranging from 30 seconds to 6 months;
  • social trading;
  • 5 trading accounts for various investment needs of a trader;
  • instant replenishment of your account in any convenient way;
  • trade without spreads;
  • free access to a demo account and a wide range of training facilities.

Let’s summarize

Binary broker Finmax in a relatively short period of its existence on the market has become a leader through constant innovation and improvement in order to provide maximum comfort to all clients. Millions of traders from all over the world trust this company, newcomers start their successful journey thanks to the free training base, and experienced traders appreciate the advantages of cooperation with the broker when their trading becomes more profitable and effective.

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